Portfolio Critique

6 thoughts on “Portfolio Critique

  1. I honestly liked everything in your portfolio. There isn’t anything that I would take out of it or that you need to add. My favorite piece is your stationary set because all the different color variations you showed before picking your final and stuff and I liked that in pretty much everything you put your process which everyone always loves to see. lol

  2. All your pieces look organized and together real well for just throwing it together like we know what your doing.

  3. Good work bro. I like the third eye clockwork piece. It flows really well. Also I like how you have the process right next to it.

  4. These are really cool bro! I like the “Clockwork” poster you did. Looks like professional work.

    Just add more portfolio pieces..That’s all I have to say.

    Berto out!

  5. I really like your pencil drawings they’re really amazing. Your movie poster is one of my favorites and your work for the hot sauce is pretty great too. I also like your website work and cant wait to see the web pages you come up with.

  6. I really like your hand drawn pieces because it shoes that you can do digital as well as hand drawn. Some people are great at digital, but aren’t very creative with hand drawn.

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