Portfolio Examples Print vs Web

As technology evolves and we our spoiled with new tech toys which are faster and capable of multiple functions, we tend to forget about the traditional way things were done. Don’t get me wrong I’m loving the future, but there is just something about knowing the history of an original process, or even experiencing it for yourself that makes the new technique a lot better. I recently received an assignment to find ten web portfolio examples and ten printed portfolio examples for my Creative Advertising Course. Finding web examples will be no problem, but it seems now a days everyone is going to their Ipad or online to display their work. Here is my attempt to find some good examples of both.

I liked the layout and simplicity of this portfolio. The work was awesome as well.
This work is amazing, enough said.
This site was cool and when I went to it with my Ipad, it loaded a simplistic blog version.
I’m not a big fan on the scrolling websites, but this one looked nice to me.
This is a different approach than the norm, but very nice and easy to navigate through.
I like the typography of this site and it reminded me of a local site invisible ink
This sites slideshow is interesting and the CEO looks like a rapper.
Talk about straight to the point, I like this approach.
Cool design and this one’s for you Kevin!
Hip design, reminds me the work of Steven Dobbs

I’m learning that finding these printed examples aren’t easy to find, but this one is nice. I like the book idea, but I don’t like the idea of not being able to add or take away any work.
Another nice book portfolio with great work.
I’m seeing this is the way to go with portfolios these days and I want to obtain one soon.
I like the style and layout of this portfolio.
I’m running out of things to say about these portfolios, they are all pretty much looking the same, so I thing i’m going to go a whole different direction with mine in the future.
Nice design.
This is a stationary set, but still a popular option for some designers.

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